Camping and Dorm Info


We are looking forward to seeing all of you! The following is information pertaining to camping (tent and RV). We have arranged for you to be able to camp downtown; between 1-4 blocks from the mural locations. 


St. Katharine Drexel- Parish Center

408 South Spring Street

Beaver Dam, Wisconsin 53916

Tent and RV's:

There will be a volunteer to help you find your camping location from:

9am-4pm on Wednesday, June 28th

If you plan to arrive outside of this time span, please contact me to make other arrangements to ensure that you find the designated camping areas.(Unless you've already contacted me.)

We have provided a map (below) that will hopefully help better explain the St. Katharine's properties. You will mostly be using the Parish Center with the exception of the School to shower. 

Restrooms and Rec Room:

St. Katharine's has generously offered the use of their recreation room and will keep it open 24 hours. You will have restroom facilities, use of the refrigerator and microwave, outlets for phone chargers as well as game tables and a tv. This room has several couches and may also be used if there is inclement weather. 

Just outside the rec room door is where the tent campers will set up. 

Just above in the parking lot is where the RV/Camper/Pull Behind's will park.

Shower Facilities are located in the St Katharine Drexel School. The school is located a 1/2 block south of the Parish Center on Spring St. There is only one locker room available so I may create a schedule for women and men so there is some privacy. I will make sure these details are available to you when you check-in. The showers are not luxurious but they are operational and close by. Additionally, I have secured passes for the YMCA (located on the North side of town) if anyone would feel more comfortable showering there. Please bring your own towel, for both locations.

Tent Campers:

You will be pitching your tents behind 414 South Spring Street (also St. Katharine's property-behind the house)  It is the backyard of where two of St. Katharine's Sisters live. The backyard is very secluded and continues down the hill until it reaches the river. You can reach the campsite by walking around the barrier on Spring St. or going down the access driveway behind the Parish Center off of Mill St. (recommended). The access driveway should be used for dropping off only, please do not park there for longer than necessary. 

Again, a volunteer will be there to help direct you.

There are benches and a fire pit on site. I will have some firewood available, if anyone would like to utilize the fire pit. 

RV's/Campers/Pull Behind's:

You have your choice of parking lots- You may park in the St Katharine's Parish Center parking lot or kitty-corner from the Parish Center at Nunatak Coffee Warehouse at 315 South Spring St.


There are several regular outlets located in the Parish Center parking lot but unfortunately nothing with high wattage for hook-up use is in the area. If you need a hook-up please contact us and we will help make arrangements for you to be at the Fairgrounds or possibly Derge Park. 

There will likely be more information upon your arrival but if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.




The following is information pertaining to your stay in the Wayland Academy Dorms. You will be staying in Wayland Hall and be occupying the first two floors. 

Wayland Academy

101 N. University Ave. 

Beaver Dam, WI 53916

It is roughly 4 blocks from the majority of the mural sites.


12:00PM-4:00PM on Wednesday, June 28th.

(Unless you've made special arrangements with me.)

To check-in, you will go to the Wayland Hall office, follow the posted signs just through the front doors. 

Justin Behm will be your Wayland Academy contact and he will give you your room keys, a key card for the front door, your room assignment, the wifi password and any further instructions regarding your stay. He will also accept payment ($10/night/person). Once you receive your key, you will be able to come and go, as you please. 

I've attached a map below to help you navigate the campus. You will be able to pull up to Wayland Hall, using the half-circle driveway entrance off of University Avenue to unload, but you will need to park in the designated parking lots for overnight. You are welcome to use any of the parking lots listed on the map below. 

Just a reminder, the Dorms are not furnished with bed linens. If possible, please bring your own. We will have some on hand for those who are traveling internationally/by plane. Please notify us if you will be in need.

*Please note-As Wayland is a high school, there is no alcohol or tobacco products allowed on the outside campus or inside any of the buildings. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact Jessalyn Braun 773-490-2312 or