Donate/Lend Items


Donate or Lend Items for the Mural Festival

Below is a list of items that the Walldog mural painters will need to safely and comfortably complete each mural. Each site has different equipment needs based on terrain and location. 

Loaned and Donated Equipment - We would prefer the equipment to be dropped off or picked up by a Mural Fest Volunteer no later than June 25th, 2017.  After contacting us with your list of items to donate/lend, we will instruct you to a drop-off point. For smaller items: you may drop -off at Black Waters Coffee (during regular hours) or at The Seippel Center for the Arts (during regular hours).

If you have equipment to lend or other items to donate, please contact Committee Co-Chairs Jessalyn Braun (920-885-3635) or Josiah Vilmin (920-887-7000) or at


bench ladder.jpeg


Smaller Ladders.

Two or Three Steps

10+ needed


Bench Ladders.

Any Size.

15+ needed

garbage cans.jpg

Multipurpose Ladders

Any Size

10+ needed


Folding Ladders

Any Size

15+ needed




Extension Ladders

Any Size

10+ needed


Scaffolding Sets

Various Sizes

5 needed




Larger Scaffolding Sets

40 needed



Ladder Planks or Large Sturdy Boards

Multiple Sizes 4' to 15'

15+ needed



Pop-Up Tents 

7 needed



Canvas and Heavy Plastic Drop Cloths

Various Sizes

20+ needed


Heavy Tarps (for rain and sun cover)

Various Sizes

10+ needed



Coolers for ice and water

48 quart is ideal but all sizes welcome

12+ needed



Overhead Projectors

Digital and Transparency needed

5+ needed


Extension Cords (outdoor)

25' +

20+ needed


55 Gallon Garbage Cans

Metal or Plastic

13+ needed





Old T-Shirts, towels etc.

Many needed


Clear containers with Lids- old Tupperware is also acceptable

Various Sizes- coffee cans, cottage cheese or butter containers, or deli-sized containers are a great size. Clear plastic is ideal but any will be accepted.

Many needed



Any Length

Several needed.


Bottled Water

Any brand

Many cases needed